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Here are some links for you to practise your homophones spellings for our next test on Friday 4th November. Remember, a homophone is a word that sounds the same as another┬ábut has a different spelling. Memory Game Word Search Raining Letters Try some of the games and let us know what you think! Mr Tarry, […]

Roman Dance

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Here are some of the pictures from our final dance lesson. What did you enjoy most about our dance topic year 3?  

BBC Dance Mat Typing

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In computing, we are going to look at improving our typing skills. We will focus on our hand positioning and try to develop the speed of our typing. Click the link below and work your way through the levels. BBC Dance Mat Typing

National Poetry Day 2016

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Yesterday was National Poetry Day! To celebrate, we were given different poems about sight and vision and we had to perform these to our class. Here are some photos of us in action. What did you enjoy most about performing poems?  

Practising apostrophes for contraction

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Here are 2 links which will take you to some spelling games in order to help you this week. The spelling theme is ‘Apostrophes for contraction’. Have a try at the games and reply with a comment on which you preferred and why. Place the apostrophe Choose the correct contraction    

History – Gathering evidence on Skara Brae

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Below is a link to help us find out more about Skara Brae.   Skara Brae

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